MBD X Dyzee Threadz Breaking shoe Pre-order


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Update: Pre-orders have now finished!
Shoes are currently in production and will arrive mid to late term 1 2024.


Australia’s first shoe specially made for breakers!

“Dyzee threadz” shoes are specially designed by 12 x World champion bboy Dyzee with durable lightweight materials so your dancing feet will feel like they are floating without the extra weight all while keeping you looking fresh.

We are doing a Limited edition MBD X Dyzee Threadz breaking shoes!

Due to order restrictions we cannot do sizes sizes below US 4/36 EU unless we have over 200 orders!
As most of Melbourne breakdance clientele are juniors and I would love to include them please share this with your friends!

Pre-order will finish Dec 26th, shoes will then be manufactured and delivered to Australia in 60-90 days so it will arrive mid to late term 1.
keep an eye on our website and social media for updates!